Prepping Posters for Print

I designed a main poster for my exhibition which has the branding assets talked about previously but has images of each of the lighting states. I tried a portrait version and a landscape one, and the landscape one was much stronger, so I went about getting it ready for print. This was very difficult, as there was high contract and some very dark blacks in my images which both convert very badly to CMYK.

This was my first print after setting the image mode to CMYK using the default profile and making no changes. It was far too dark and the only bits of the image that come out ok is the greens.

20150428_134043 - Copy

I upped the brightness and contrast in the image and did another print test. This was better, but still very dark.


Brightening the whole image and upping the saturation made it more ready for print, but the greens jumped out far too much and made the colours completely unbalanced.


I then went for the same level of brightness with lowered saturation and made some edits to the curves. Whilst a bit washed out looking, the level of contrast in this image was much more suitable for print.

20150428_141302 - Copy


I then took saturation down only for the greens, to bring them in line with the rest of the image.


It looks no where near as good as the RBG image, but its the best I can do for now – print media is a mystery to me!
I’ll return to this once I’ve got my HIVE optimized build running well and I can focus on the showcase.


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