The game actually runs on a uni pc! Paul got me set up with the HIVE today so I could test the game. It took a while to get a proper fullscreen build, as I’d built it to force the appropriate resolution but it didn’t seem to want to. Once I had a fullscreen version working, I was able to see it on the big screen. It looked really great, and I’m exited to have people in here to play, but the frame rate wasn’t as good as it had been on the laptop, due to the large resolution.

The sound wasn’t working at first which worried me, but Paul fixed it and I was able to hear Doug’s music though the big speakers. It was actually amazing. The music is my favourite thing about the project (probably because I didn’t do it!!!) and it really aids the sense of presence.

Once I had it working, I created a debug version of the HIVE build so I could check the framerate on the big screen and possibly identify additional optimisation issues in order to fix this. This build runs at 15fps on the HIVE pc and 75fps on my laptop. That’s a big difference. I’ve asked Paul about the possibility of using a different machine but it sounds difficult to set up and pretty unlikely to happen. Going to see how much I can squeeze out of optimizing the game some more.


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