PS4 Controller Set Up

As I want to use the HIVE set up for the exposition now, I looked into getting a PS4 controller set up for windows and adding the controls to my game. Turns out its not as simple on windows as it is on mac…

First off, I had to trick my pc into thinking I was using an xbox controller by downloading xbox drivers and a tool called DS4, which makes the ps4 controller come off as if it is using an XI set up. This wasn’t too hard, but was a bit of faff that just took up time.

Getting the controller working in engine was a lot more difficult. Movement worked automatically which was fantastic, but buttons were more difficult. I had to figure out which controls were mapped where, as unreal works in generic terms because its not built for a specific controller.

Nothing seemed to work, so I used print statements to work out in the editor what worked. None of the global start, global back style controls worked, so using options and share to exit and enter the game were out of the question.

I tried using triangle, as I knew it would work and didn’t think people would press this to see if they could jump or interact like they might with x or circle. This worked great in editor, and in the release mode could bring the player from the game to the menu, but for some reason won’t work from the  menu to the level. Its worrying, as this needs to be in the game, but I’ve been banging my head against it all day and getting nothing. Its being added to my bug list for now.


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