Gameplay Updates

During my meeting with Lynn and informal play session yesterday it was brought up that it was not clear that the player can go back though the gate and when the gate is reopened. To address this, I added extra gates and particle effects.

I wondered whether to make the game non-linear with the addition of the extra gates, but felt that I had put the weather in a specific order to create symbolic meaning and it seemed a shame to scrap this. It also meant less code changes which at this point in the project is only a good thing! Instead I just created new triggers and attached their events to the main script, removing collision and changing the material and animation of the gate on player exit.

I then added an additional particle effect to the level exit blueprint, using the same coloured dots moving towards the gate. The effect can be seen at any position on the map, and the speed is fast enough that it is clear where they are moving to.


I also updated my smoke effects to mask the edges of the hub, as I was still using UE4 assets there. I changed the smoke effect from the fire to be brighter, bigger and move slower.



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