Testing Projectors and the HIVE

I tested projection today and got some really disappointing results. I went to B&Q and got some wood blocks to prop up the projectors. These helped them reach the height I needed, but the keystoning didn’t help as much as I had thought it would and the images were wonky and didn’t quite match up. This issue could have been solved with plynths, but a larger problem came up. Because of the location near to other people’s stands, there was no way I could turn off the lights around that area. The game really needs darkness to run well – the sensory deprivation element won’t work without this and the first two levels are barley playable in that light.

Luckily, Lynn provided me with another option in form of the HIVE. This is a room that has a full length back projected screen. Whist it doesn’t have the curve that I’m after, it offers darkness and a place for the game to be isolated. The game looked fantastic on the screen in comparison to the whitespace wall, with colours coming out nicely and the brightness correct. It seemed a bit green, but hopefully I’ll have more luck with colour correction next time.

I only tested on one screen here, as that’s all I can do with my laptop, but I’m meeting Paul on Monday to test it on the double screen.


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