Postcards and Release

Now that the showcase is only a month away, I need to make sure that everything I’m sending away for printing is finalized. I’m getting posters done at the copyshop and I have business cards already, but the postcards needed doing today. I started off by looking at my image. As the postcards as fairly small, I didn’t need to take a higher res screenshot, but I did have problems with working in CMYK. When coverted from RGB, the image became very dull, the saturation was lowered and the yellows didn’t come through.


I fixed this with some adjustments in photoshop, taking contrast up a little, brightness up, saturation up and balancing highlights out to yellows, midtones to greens and shadows to reds.


In Illustrator, I recreated my photoshop mock up, remaking the logo as a vector so I can put it on more things. I noticed that the text wasn’t great to read here, so darkened the image down again.


I then created the back of the postcard, creating a sort of personal message and description of the project. I realized when I was doing this that I would need a download link, and one didn’t exist at the moment, so I ended up putting my game out there a lot earlier than I envisioned!


I popped my current build up on, an indie games portal where you can host for free. It can be found here This is only really there just now so that I could grab that link, but I’ll be publicizing it later and hopefully will get some additional feedback on my game this way.



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