Looking at Test Data

So I have finally gotten round to analyzing the data I collected weeks ago during testing. Shameful I know…my to do list is a bit ridiculous at the moment. Good news however, looks like I’ve proved my research question right! Or at least as far as I can, its a small sample group and none of this stuff is completely conclusive. Disregarding that though, I’m really pleased that I’ve been on the right track, even if its been a largely overscoped and unfocused one at times.

The mean, mode and median of overall positivity, comparable negativity and comparable positivity values from all of the questionnaires was taken in order to give an overview of the data. On average, a participant’s overall positivity rose by 5 points, their comparable positivity rose by 2 points, and their comparable negativity lowered by 4 points. This suggests that while the game does promote positivity, it is better at lowering negativity, and is able to help with stress, worry and nervousness.

This is supported by deeper analysis into how often and how large changes were. The largest change in values was seen by the statement “I feel I have a lot on my mind”, with 3 out of 9 participants changing this value by 4 points. Participants were also generally less stressed after play, with 3 users shifting the value by 1 point and 2 shifting it by 4 points.  However, this can be contested by the fact that the statement “I feel nervous” was the least likely to shift of all the values, with 4 out of 9 participants making no change to this number. It is worth noting here that very few testers’ answers implied that they were nervous in the first place.

Generally, positive values changed less, but were more consistent. 8 out of 9 player reported feeling more relaxed, but 7 of these changes was only by one point. Only 4 participants reported becoming more positive, but most participants ticked agree or strongly agree before play for “I feel positive”, so, like nervousness, this may be more of a reflection on the moods of the participants chosen. Feelings of Presence were consistent, with 7 participants changing their answer to “I feel present in the moment” by 1 point, and 1 changing it by 3 points. It was hoped that there would be a larger shift here, however the consistency of answers proves that the game does in fact make a player feel present.

In addition to looking at the questionaries, I listened back to the interviews and pulled out some quotes I thought could be useful. They’re not as good as I remembered them being, and its a shame that most of what I’ve been told about the art style is that its “cool” or “pretty”. It might be worth doing some testing on artists to get a more informed opinion.

Participant D

“I feel like I was deep in the world without having to do anything, I was just there.”

“I was a passerby.”

Participant F

“Once I figured out there was a pattern to it I went into immersive game mode and just sort of wandered about”

Asked what theme was.

Participant I

“It feels like a lush and vibrant world”

“Even in a small space there’s that feeling that its much bigger than it was, it gave a larger than life feeling.”

“A space you’d find that nobody goes, kind of like a space where you could think and relax”

“I felt like someone had taken away my comfort blanket”

Fire = “Point of safety”

“All of the particle fx were nice and added to the thick atmosphere that you could feel. When you were in it you weren’t thinking about other things you have to do…when I was in it I was in that zone, the effects and sounds helped to build that.”

Looked for meaning within the work.

“The ribbon effect, when you saw that you were passing more into something more than day to day, something more special than that, something you’ve built.”

“I felt that space at the beginning, that was you”

Participant E

“Bit more nervous because it was dark”
“Nothing bad’s going to happen because I’m at the fire”

“It’s a starry night, its fine”

“The sparkly things sitting around you, floating about, that was good”

“Fire was a beacon”

Participant G

“I was relaxed to start with so it was more relaxing I guess”


“It was really pretty”

“If a game has a really unique art style I’ll go for it”

Participant H

“I was expecting more interaction”

“I felt like I was in the now kind of this,  I was interested in the world and the greens of the moss and the rocks was sorta yellow, that was kinda weird, so I was going round behind the rocks and stuff, just exploring stuff”

“The sun rays coming though during the day time stuff, the golden sparkle stuff you’ve got floating around were quite cool.”

“Really bright greens, really yellow greens, that’s pretty cool…Ooh is there something interesting about this rock?”


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