Branding + Promo Materials

Since I’ve been running into problems with the projector set up and the game recently, I decided to take a break and work on promotional materials for the showcase, since they’ll need to be ordered soon if I want to come out of the showcase with any savings left!

An idea I’ve had milling about in my head for a while was to promote Presence like a holiday. I don’t have any characters to put front and center, so I need a way to strongly brand an environment and this seems like a good one. I think the connotation of holidays and relaxation is a nice comparison with the game.

I started off looking at some promo stuff I had from Rezzed, and the had a look at travel and game posters on google images. When searching for images, I found I needed to use the word vacation, rather than holiday, as holidays refers to Christmas time in American English. This gave me the idea for the sloagan “Take a virtual vacation” for Presence.

promo moodboard

With the moodboard and slogan in mind, I took some screenshots and tried to create a post card style design. I went with a script based tiled font as its similar to “greetings from somewhere” postcards. This looked pretty tacky in actuality.

postcard 1]

My second design was far far stronger. I centered the text and added the “take a”, really getting away from the cheap feel that the slanted text gave. This gave me room to add the visual logo, which I think works nicley and keeps the brand in the audience’s mind. The font also looked a lot better here. I then added a second side, thinking that I could use it as a way to explain the project and make it more personal, as I can put my own name on it. I am really fond of this design, but one of my issues with it is that the way this promotes the project and me as a developer really makes it look like I’m planning to go indie after graduation. Whist this is a possibility for me, I’m still undecided and don’t want to block off potential job offers. I think I’m going to do some separate personal branding to sit alongside this to set that off.

postcard 2

I then did a poster design. I worked on this whilst talking to Doug, sound designer on the project, so I got his input in how to display his name and information. I started off with a screenshot and the logo, adding my name afterwards. I had used Arial for this orignally, but after working on the postcards I pulled them together though use of Pacifica.

poster 2

I then added some placeholders for information.

poster 3

I liked the design at this point, but when I showed it to Doug, he said he really liked the idea of presenting it as “Amy Stevens’ Presence”, in the way that films might be shown with their directors names. At first I was worried about this coming across as kind of egotistical, but after putting it together it looked really nice and was more symmetrical than the first way of displaying my name.

poster 5

I then worked on how to fit Doug’s name and info into the poster. I tried a lot of different options here. At first I wanted it quite prominent in the middle of the poster, but it looked sort of messy and unbalanced, and didn’t read fantastically against the blue water.

poster 6 poster 7

I then put it down the bottom, which looked really nice, but provided no contact information for Doug.

poster 8

Because of that, I tried using his twitter handle instead of his name, which worked really well, but went against the twitter branding guidelines. When providing a twitter handle it is required to use the unedited logo they provide. By removing the www. from my website, I was able to fit in the handle with the logo.

poster 9poster 11

Both of these are using low res images, so I need to take decent screenshots and get these into illustrator for proper print set up.


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