New Hub

I felt that the hub level didn’t have the same level of fidelity as the rest of the level. I decided it needed a bit of a redesign, as the assets carried over from the second prototype didn’t quite cut it. I had the idea of taking some of the water from my level, so that the player is barred from approaching the tree before they’ve finished the game. I figured that this would make it much clearer that the tree is how you leave the game.


I adapted the current tree model for this.


I had a play around with different sizes to work out what felt best. In the end, I went with something much larger than the original hub in here and more like the hub in the second prototype.

hub3 hub4

I ended up creating a sort of ring around the water, as it made it fit into the level better. I then created steps. These appear as the player progresses, and the blocking volumes I’ve placed disapear, so that the player can reach the tree.


I then went into maya and photoshop and created some new leaf colours and some bells to add. I also put in some candles from the previous prototype.

hub6 hub7


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