Extra Fire FX

I wanted to have more FX to show the player that they had triggered a point of interest and to add some more movement to the world. The first effect I made was a spark effect for when the player approaches the fire.


I started off by taking the sparks emitter from the original fire effect and editing it. I lengthened the particles, made them offset more in the orbit module and made the material more emissive.

sparks2 sparks3 sparks5 sparks6 sparks7

I learned about a new cascade module while making this, attractor modules. These are used to pull the particles towards a certain point.

SPARKS8 sparks9 sparks10 sparks11 sparks12  sparks14 sparks15

I went into the blueprint and added the switch from the lighting element. This is used so that I can have a different effect spawn depending on which state they are in.

sparks16 sparks17

This is the final effect!


For the rainy state, I took the smoke emitter to edit. I wanted it to seem as if the fire had been put out by the rain. I took one emitter, made is less opaque, slowed it down and used the velocity to push it off to one side, same side as the sparks, to make it feel like there’s wind in the level.



I made it to dissapear as the player approaches, rather than reappear, as it would make no sence for this to just appear.

smoke3 smoke4

I then did some ashes to blow about in the sunny state. Again, I took the sparks effect, this time making it slower, offset less and made the particles smaller. Its barley visable, but that’s sort of what I’m going for.

ashes1 ashes2 ashes3

Here are some of the reference videos I watched.


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