New Godrays

Since I had flickering problems with my godrays, I decided to make them again. I decided to go for a less code driven solution here and create a conical model to that I could place manually.


I had a go at painting some god rays in here, but there was a really obvious seam and the brushstrokes were too clear. There was too much colour coming from the brush and making the texture less transparent than I wanted.

god2 god3

A better solution was to block out areas of solid colour and then apply a motion blur to it, negating the effects of the brushstrokes. I plugged this into an emissive material and then multiplied its opacity with a grey shade in order to make it less obvious.

god4 god5 god6

I then placed these by adding lots of them to the lighting blueprint and giving them the same transforms as the spotlights in the scene. At first, I thought it wasn’t working, then I realised I hadn’t zeroed out the transform for the blueprint in general, so their transforms were being offset.

god7 god8

Once they were clearly placed correctly I put the material back to its original state.



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