Overcast Lighting

I’ve been working the lighting some more to create a more overcast looking day. Changing the sky colour based on the light angle seemed like the most natural option, but was very limiting. What I needed to do here was to be able to change the zenith colour to grey for the overcast light, but needed to derivative the darkness and stars from the light angle for the night time scene.

In order to change wether or not colour is being derrived from the light angle in bp_sky_sphere I had to cast to the sky sphere – essentially letting the level bp act as the sky sphere bp. This took me a while to figure out!


It didn’t work at first, before I realised that I needed to expose the dynamic material in the sky bp and make it a public variable.

lighting3 lighting4

I then added some additional lights in order to increase visability. I took care to add these in gaps between the trees, to make it seem as if the light is coming from the sky. Ambiance can be broken by lighting without a clear source, so I needed to be careful here.




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