Night Sky Colours, Clouds and Code Tidy Up

I was having trouble getting the night sky to work at first, as I couldn’t switch off the clouds – turned out to be a similar problem to changing sky colours in that I was trying to use a float value with the sky bp when I should have actually been altering the material. I went into the material to look at the parameters, and found that cloud opacity was a scalar value.

night1 night2

Looking at what’s going on in my blueprints is getting difficult, so I orginised it into nice little comment boxes, which made things much easier to look it! It also means that I can more quickly isolate which parts are working and not working.


With this sorted I could go in and define values for my night sky. I had a go at making it more blue, but I didn’t think this fitted nicley with my art style. Leaving it to derrive from the light angle made it very purple, which again wasn’t quite what I was looking for.



In the end, I tried to match the water colour so that I could tighten my colour scheme up a bit. This looked really nice and was a good constrast against the bright greens of the grass.



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