Map Check Errors

I wanted to get going with looking at fps and scripting my rain fx but I’ve ran into a massive problem with my map check. After building lighting, it still claims that 78 objects are unbuilt. At first, I had lots of NULL staticMesh property issues. After spending quite a while googing, I went though and found that these were duplicates of objects that had no static mesh assigned and were just empty. I had hoped that getting rid of them would fix it, but it didn’t do the trick.


After this, I still had a world settings rebuild error and an error to do with a sky sphere that, to my knowledge, doesn’t actually exist. Not good.


One solution offered online was that having lights in blueprints caused this. As a test, I deleted the light from MyCharacter, but it didn’t change anything. I added a lightmass importance volume, but this didn’t fix the issue either. I then found that it could possibly be that meshes being called from blueprints weren’t set to movable, but looking though, all of my objects were. This led me to wonder if maybe something that I was changing about the lighting in my level blueprint was the issue. I unhooked the work I’d done on the overcast level and rebuilt the lighting.

This got rid of the error – so I isolated the problem to this part of the level blueprint. What I did then was disconnect each node to find out which was causing the issues. I didn’t expect to find that actually it was none of them, and this part of the script just needed to be recompiled. It works now, but I’ve lost about 2 hours on something that wasn’t even an issue…


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