Description of Test Analysis

Data created through the quantitative study was analysed using a system that defined an overall positivity rating and a set of comparable values representing the number of positive answers versus negative ones. The overall positivity value describes the general shift of a participants answers, where the compatible values show exactly how a user is affected. This study recognizes that becoming happier and becoming less stressed or anxious are not the same thing and therefore they shall be quantified separately.

Overall positivity is defined by the sum of the values assigned to each questionnaire answer. Questions defined as positive statements (for example, “I feel positive”) were assigned a value of five for ” strongly agree”, with these descending towards a one for “strongly disagree”. Negative statements (for example, “I feel stressed”) were assigned a value of one for ” strongly agree ” ascending to a five for “strongly disagree”. An increase in this value between the first and second questionnaire shows a generally improved mood, whereas a decrease shows a generally worsened one.


The comparable set of values takes the positive statements and negative statements as two groups and assigns them each a value. Here, ” strongly agree” begets a five and “strongly disagree” a one, regardless of which group the statement belongs to. These values are totalled to create a number out of fifteen the represents how positive or negative the participant is feeling at each stage. These can then be used to determine whether the participant has become less stressed and anxious or happier.

Data created though qualitative study was analysed though particular opinions or statements that were actively looked for and though discussion of the player’s experience. Statements that were actively looked for were comments regarding how the player felt, how relaxed they were, how present they were, what they thought of the level of interaction and how the effects and art style affected their feelings and experience.


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