Level Building

EGX got me really exited to work on the game again, but its not very nice looking at an empty landscape! I decided to take a day or two to populate the level. There’s still a lot of stuff I’d like to make or improve, but having it look more like a game is great for motivation and lets me see what more needs to be done.

I started off by making some variants of the tree model so there wasn’t an obvious repeating asset.


I then made a couple of flower models, as the one I had already was placeholder. I had originally intended on using alpha planes for this, but I think that geometry fits the style of the game more. Need to be careful with the polycount though – the particles are not going to be nice optimisation wise, so keeping the environment art as optimised as possible.

tree2 tree3

I made some bracken like bushes as well, as just trees and rocks were looking pretty sparse. This is a bunch of alpha planes joined together.tree4

The foliage and mesh instancing tool has been fixed since I last used it, which is great because it allowed me to put down large areas of grass and flowers without spending ages placing things by hand. Around objects I did it by hand, because I wanted something more deliberate here.


I then changed the dust effect so that it covered the whole level, this was a bit tough to optimise, but it did seem better than having multiple emitters. It had a very high rate and a large location for emission, but as they just float, I realized I didn’t need a lifetime, so set that to 0 and it ran much better!


I still need to do the swing and fire areas, as well as the outside of the level and the hub. I also have some ideas about unique assets to interest the player.

screen2 screen1


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