Analyzing Qualitative Data

I had a listen to the recording I made for participant A and looked at the notes I had for pariticpant B. Not really sure how to analyse this data, I had another look at the lecture slides on this but I’m a bit stumped. Here’s my notes for now.

Participant A

Felt like there was a lot happening/to explore


Rain = Relaxing

Fire = Uneasy

Day/Night, subtle but effective, enjoyable

Gate was ambiguous (due to lack of movement?)

Sound contributes to feeling of presence

Not a great deal of feedback for the player

Vibrant colours contributed to feeling

Visual style supported the experience

Tree at the end was enticing – stands out

Found bugs

Thought E to interact, but preferred trigger proximity

Participant B

Weather was a good indicator of progression

Noticed Hub Changes

The interactivity of the gate was not obvious

Weather was enjoyable

Rain was calming

Player moved too fast

Felt very relaxed

You don’t have to think, just observe

More interaction would contribute to a greater sense of immersion

For now, I’m going to look at comments that were made frequently and the order in which participants gave their feedback.

Both of these participants talked about the progression and the fx first. They then moved on to talk about interaction, then art. This suggests that progression and fx are the things that stand out the most to the player, however they may also comment on this first because the participant information sheet does say that fx is important to the project.

Both participants said that the game was relaxing, the rain effect in particular made them feel relaxed and the weather system was enjoyable. They also both said that it was not clear that the gate could be interacted with.


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