Quantitative Data for Participants A and B

Now that I have a structure to put my data in, I’m looking at participant A and B’s questionnaires to see if I can get anything meaningful out of it. With the ratio, I went back and used the original idea, but this time made it two fractions rather than a ratio.

Participant A

Before Play

Overall Positivity = 20

Positive/Negitive = 13/7

During Play

Overall Positivity = 27

Positive/Negitive = 13/4

Questions That Changed Answers = “I had a lot on my mind” – moved down 2 negitivity points from Agree to Disagree

“I feel stressed” – moved down 1 negativity point from Disagree to Strongly Disagree

The overall positivity score would suggest that Participant A became happier whilst playing, however the positive/negitive score shows that they actually became less negitive. Looking at individual questions, we see that Participant A let go of their worries and became less stressed, but did not become happier, more relaxed or more positive (important to note that this participant had ticked strongly agree for I feel positive in the before questionnaire).
Participant B

Before Play

Overall Positivity =17

Positive/Negitive = 9/10

During Play

Overall Positivity = 30

Positive/Negitive = 13/6

Questions That Changed Answers = “I felt relaxed and calm” and “I feel positive” moved up 1 positivity point

“I have a lot on my mind” moved down 2 negitivity points

“I feel stressed” and “I feel nervous” moved down 2 negitivity point

“I feel present in the moment” moved up 3 positivity points

Participant B became a lot more positive whist playing. They were both happier and less stressed/nervous. Looking at individual questions, we see that Participant B became more relaxed, positive and very much more present. They also became less stressed and nervous and get go of their worries.

This data is really positive! Seems the game is doing its job so far.


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