Dragon Age Inquision’s Water

I was about to start working on my water asset then realized….I don’t know how to make a water asset. Not a nice feeling at this point in the year, but I tackled it by looking at how Dragon Age: Inquisition did their water.

I learned that the waterfall was made up of a plane with a scrolling texture that had a couple of subuv particles coming off of it. The bottom of the waterfall was also made with subuv particles.

The river was made of two planes, one at the bottom of the waterfall for the foam, and one large one that was either modeled around the terrain or had been intersected with it, I can’t tell just now but for my river I’ll model around the terrain.

There was also splash subuv particles when the player walks in the water. I’d love to have this in too but its a polish thing not a necessary thing.

da1 da2


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