I’m now developing what I hope will be the actual level of the game! Things may change between now and April, but I need something to work with whilst I develop environment assets. I started off my using the UE4 tools to create a landscape for the player to walk on, based on my earlier tests. I then brought this into maya and extended it to give the illusion that there was more to explore. I did this as low poly as possible, as I already have frame rate issues on computers that aren’t my own PC, which is quite powerful.


As I modelled this, I checked back in the editor to make sure it was functioning. I was reluctant to do any landscape stuff in maya, as its not as quickly testable, but this seemed to work.

landscape 2

Once it was feeling good, I did a quick UV map as those skewed textures were doing nothing for the game!

landscape uvs

Here’s it from a player perspective. Next step is to work on the material and textures. I’m thinking of doing a height map to decide which parts should have which textures – I think this is automated in AAA games, so I want to follow a process that shows off my skills in relation to the industry.




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