Level Block Out

Now that the mechanics are sorted and working and I’ve established my art style, its time to start actually making the game! This is super exiting!

To create the level, the first thing I needed was the terrain. I was a bit worried about approaching this as I wasn’t sure weather it was better to use engine tools or maya for this, how scale would work and how material blending works. I decided to use the tools that UE4 offers as it will allow me to test in game on the fly and get something that feels good. I can always take it out to maya later to made edits.

I used the level design I had made previously to sculpt areas for a river, a fire, a forest and a garden. I then experimented with methods for the appearance of a bigger world. My first idea was to extend the river out to a lake – you can’t go in the lake, but it gives the idea that there’s more to the world that what you are seeing. I then added some mountains on the other side. I know that putting the level is a valley is a bit of a cop out, but it makes for an easier justification of blocking volumes. I guess the other option would be to use an island. The world is very small though – would an island make sence? I know that there’s certainly an argument for an island being a liminal space and therefore a nice metaphor for the mind. Maybe I’ll give this a try.

level4 level3 level2 level1

I took a quick snapshot of the block out so that I can think about how I’ll set this up properly. This was a very quick block out to test the idea and these weird big cones have to go!!! I’d like to use a custom skybox for the hills and low LODs/planes for the detail in the area that the player can’t walk in.



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