Methodology Section

I started working on the methodology section of my dissertation today. From looking at the examples provided on blackboard I presume that the methodology should be a story of your project that says where it began and went to and describes each method used for obtaining data.

I’ve come up with each section and have written a quick introduction for each of them so I know what they’ll contain. I want to check this with Lynn before I continue to make sure I’m on the right track.

4.0 Methodology

As the research project is structured around the idea that games can create meditative feelings, it was hypothesized that this was possible though player presence. However, the idea of player presence did not emerge until the second half of the project. Initially, no presumptions were made on how to create meditative games, so grounded theory was used to find questions within initial contextual based research. These ideas were built upon during practice led research.

4.1 Research and Media Examination

The research project began with informal analysis of existing media that use interactivity to create positive emotions and games that use effects art to communicate meaning to their players. Literature on the formal elements of art was used to support findings drawn from the investigation.

Proteus case study – see appendix 1. 

4.2 Interactive Experiments with Shape, Colour and Abstraction

As a practice-based project, two prototypes were developed alongside the contextual research. These drew on ideas and motifs found within the investigation and allowed for early experimentation and testing of ideas.

4.3 Presence – The Final Artefact

As new ideas emerged from literature studies, the abstraction found in the initial prototypes was abandoned in favour of a weather based system of progression that defined player presence as a vehicle for meditation. This brought the project focus back towards effects art and emotion.

4.4 User Testing and Evaluation

Better actually do that….


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