New Art Style

I think I may have found an art style that better serves the goals of the project while also letting me show off skills. Still not 100% sure of it, but I’ve had good feedback so far.

I had a look though The Story of Art on Lynn’s recommendation and marked some things I liked, but felt like none of them were really going to translate nicley to 3D. I took at step back and worked on my rigging since I was stuck and somehow not working on it made me see how my influences could come together. I think I probably just needed to take a step back from the project.

I used the details and forms I saw in Byzantine art, Impressionism, Pointillism and Art Nouveau to create a swirly, pattern focused texture that could be used nicley with a normal map. The idea is that I’m abstracting the details rather than foregoing them to abstract the entire form.


download download (3) download (2) download (1)

This worked nicley for the tree, but I couldn’t really tell if things were working without seeing the rest of the environment like this. I painted a new rock texture and did a quick overlay on the ground texture to see how it looked. I then did a wee comparison between both environments in each state. I think that at this point it was better – but still not quite there.

style 2 style 1 Compaisons

I had a look at the models that were used in the witness for grass, as I hadn’t been able to get this right before, and found they are planes intersecting one another to make it look like there’s more there.

This added some nice interest. I still feel there’s something lacking – but I think I’ll find it.

Rain Grass 2 Butterfly


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