Spaceman Control Shapes

Since I’m struggling with my stylistic choices, I decided to come away from the project today to work on the spaceman rig I’ve been doing. In the past, I’ve not been very good at using offset groups which has made my hierarchies a bit dodgy, so my goal with this was to get that working nicely.


I used IKs for the spaceman’s legs, which work surprisingly well considering his stubby legs are totally out of proportion. I think getting my LRAs correct here was really helpful! One thing I learned here that I was getting wrong before was to edit the shape of the control after using the o

fset – makes mistakes with putting transform data on them by accident much less likely.


I made sure to put limits on the feet, to stop the animator putting them though other parts of the body. Its not really a concern here, as I’ll be doing the animations myself, but its good practice if rigging is something I continue to do in the future.



I took some screenshots of the spaceman in poses as I rigged, to show each set of joints working.

rig5 rig6 rig7 rig8

I worked on the hierarchy as I made the shapes, hooking everything up in succession to one big master shape. It was able to scale, so I take that as meaning it works! I’m not sure if I was supposed to delete the offset groups, but it works with them there so it seems fine.


I used FK for the arms as IK rotated very oddly. I changed the pole vector on it but it made it flip out, so it seemed easier to go with FK.

rig10 rig11

Here’s the finished rig!

rig12 rig13


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