Hub Mechanic

Since I want to test soon, getting basic mechanics in asap is really important! Today I got a really bare bones version of the hub working.

I added some fog around the hub because I don;t want the player to be able to see the level. On a conceptual note though, the use of fog isolates the player, forcing them to pay attention to the level they are in and starts the sensory deprivation that I used a lot in the second prototype. This is similar to how Proteus opens.


I the used get and set actor location to make it so that when the player leaves by the gate (currently non existent!) they are teleported to the level. They are then teleported back to the hub after finding a glowing cube, which is placeholder for the point of interest mechanic I want to include. This seemed far better than using a timer, as it makes sure the player gets a decent amount of exploration in.

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