Fixes and New Mechanics

Looking at my hub mechanic, I felt as if there really wasn’t enough in the game for users to test.

I started out by fixing some issues, adding a light to the hub so that it can be seen in the night level, enlarging the hub so that the player doesn’t back into the trigger and moving the hub so that it can’t be seen from the level. I then looped the sound assets and added atteunation to them so they fade out when the player comes away from them.

fix1 5

I then added the hub mechanic I had in the second prototype to change the material of the tree in order to add another degree of visual progression.


After that, I added some points of interest. There are three at the moment, and after the player passes each of them, the gate they saw in the hub appears in the level and they can go though it back to the hub. I decided to do this rather than just teleporting them, as it gives the player more agency. Reusing the gate asset gives the player an idea of what will happen when it is approached, as they have already learned what the gate does.



Last thing I added were some boxes to represent additional assets that come into the hub after completing a level. After talking about the project with friends, we decided that the hub should become more populated as the player moves though the game to symbolize the player’s emotional development.


This has given me a LOT of art assets to do, but the game is feeling good. I was concerned about it not producing the relaxing feeling that the second prototype produced but its getting there now. In order to test I need more art – the cubes are not going to work for anyone who doesn’t know much about the game.


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