A Bunch of Ways Not to Create Stylized Art

After doing my colour experiments, I decided to have a look at cubism and see if I could come up with any cool shape/pattern ideas.

Inspired by the flat gradients of this painting, I tried normal mapping with a flat diffuse – to be honest this just looked like I hadn’t made a diffuse yet!

futurismo (1) Normal no Diff

I then looked at this piece and tried some stripes, but I was getting more of a Dr. Seuss feel than anything else!

becca-21902-abstract-futurist-figurative-oil-painting-mark-webster stirpes stripes 2

I then tried out some different things based off of this pattern, trying layering it and using colour, still not working for me though.

bold-cubism-long-tray-picasso-red-45 patterns cubist Cubism COLOURS0

I know I’ll figure out something eventually – just got to keep trying.


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