Wall Model

To get the prototype to a point where I can actually test it, I’ve started making basic assets for the hub area. I’ve been working on a wall which has provided quite a challenge, as I need to bake down a lot of detail to create a dry stone dyke look.

I started off by creating a basic rounded wall (making sure I use round, safe shapes – this is to be the player’s sanctuary).

Walls 2

Walls 4

I then added some cubes into the wall, hoping to combine them then take them into mudbox to create some stones. This didn’t work however, as the uvs for all the objects were all totally different.

Walls 3

My second option was to take the model into mudbox, use grab to pull out stones, and then refine them. This didn’t work either, as there was too much difference between the map and the original model.

Walls 5 Walls 6

My third attempt was similar to the second, but I removed the wall model and just used the stones. This didn’t subdivide correctly in mubdbox however, as either they were all separate and separated more and more as the model was divided, or I merged them and got lots of shared edge errors, stopping me from subdividing at all.

walls 7 Walls 8

I need to investigate methods for creating models like this.


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