Proteus Notes

I played Proteus last night for my case studies. To test its sense of Presence I played in a noisy room around other people. I also tried it with and without the audio. Here are my messy notes.


Running water sound as you enter the game – immediately relaxing

Animation in sync with music

Procedural sound makes me feel in control of the world

Sfx = ambience, music = atmospherics

Music suggests narritive


Sat under a tree and watched leaves fall and dots drift by, listening to music – Tree was like life

Eye open as you start game = you entering a new world

Drawn to assets that look different from others

Feels like there is something to discover

While audio does layer over time, progression can be communicated without any audio

Audio gives identity to abstract art


Colour scehemes link to seasons and emotions

Dots really stand out and make you want to follow

Rain fx

Low cloud = own little world, no sky

Fog hides island initially adding mystery, can only see one focal point to move towards – weenie, bright pink

Slowly drifting leaves are very peaceful

The pinks are beautiful – Cherry pink

Shooting start – exiting, beautiful, awe inspiring point of interest

Movement adds life

Drastic temperature and saturation differences between levels

Without audio, I was still present and focuses, and the world was still beautiful however it was not as emotional an experience

Amount of different colours is beautiful to look at

Contrast draws the eye (pink + green)


Massive Smile – Awe and Happiness

Want to explore!


I want to see EVERYTHING

SO PRESENT – Played with flatmates watching a really loud action movie yet was totally there.

Muted, misty, less happy, more relaxed

Sadness, mournfulness


“Amazingly weird”

“I don’t care about doing this case study, I’m exploring”

“It doesn’t matter though, because I am here”


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