Meeting with Lynn

I had a meeting with Lynn today to discuss the contextual review, case studies and user testing. We had a look at the contextual review and Lynn advised me that my current thoughts about structure are working, so that’s great. We also talked about making sure I don’t make too many outright statements that may not be proven true, the fact that I hadn’t really discussed the benefits of meditation was worrying me, but most academic research I’ve found about this is inconclusive. To get around this I can use the idea that relaxation and meditation as a positive this is a commonly held belief these days.

Doing case studies and user testing has been a bit worrisome, so we decided to stick to one case study and put it in with the contextual review. This gives me much more time to focus on user testing.

Lynn’s sending me example forms and we talked a little about designing the user test.

We didn’t actually manage to get though everything, so tomorrow we’re going to have a chat about justifying my art style decision and the final showcase.


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