Identifying Case Studies

I’ve had case studies on my to do list for a while, but have been avoiding them out of wanting to work on the prototype and because I’ve been a bit unsure on how to start. I feel like the dissertation is falling behind the project a little so they really need done.

I took a look at some example dissertations on blackboard and reading them made me feel a bit more confident about doing them. It is just an investigation into a work, nothing majorly complicated.

With that I decided to do three case studies (time allowing!), with getting one done being my priority. As Proteus has been a massive influence on my project and I wrote a fair amount about it for the concept document, I felt it was a good place to start. I am also thinking of going with Flower and Soundself as my second and third cases, though a Light In Chorus also interests me. Since I can’t get access to it though I’d be working from journalism and memory which doesn’t seem the best idea.


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