Contextual Review Rework

I sent the contextual review draft I did off to Lynn and got some fantastic feedback. One of the main issues with the section is that my ideas from this semester are considerably more developed and these ideas have grown to take over the project. With this in mind, Lynn suggested restructuring the contextual review so that there was a clearer link between each section and make sure the dissertation flows nicley.

My thought was to take the idea of presence and introduce it in the introduction of the dissertation, then definiting it at the start of the contextual review and making references to it through out.

My current layout is: 3.1 – Aesthetics Led Design, 3.2 Application of Shape and Colour to Game FX and 3.3 Can Games be Meditational

Since the proposal, I have new sections meaning that I need to fit Flow and Presence and Techniques to aid Presence in there, whilst refocusing on presence rather than abstract art.

My new layout could be 3.1 Aesthetics, Emotion and Presence 3.1.1 Aesthetics Led Design 3.1.2 Flow and Presence 3.2 Application of Formal Elements for Presence and Meditation 3.2.1 Visual Stratagies in Game and Film 3.2.2 Application of Visual Strategies to Game FX

This leaves techiniques to aid presence in an awkward place though, as it talks about visual strategies to build atmosphere but also about the idea of presence.

I’ll ask Lynn for some help with this at our meeting.


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