Audio Contract and Improvements to Time of Day/Weather Mechanic

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog this week – I’ve improved the weather mechanic, created my presentation and had meetings with my audio designer, but personal stuff got in the way a bit.

Doug, the audio designer for Presence, has now agreed to do some sound fx on top of the tracks, to add some ambience to the level. I’ve also signed a contract now so we are definitely going ahead with it.

I spent a while playing with sky sphere and lighting options in unreal, using light colour, intensity and fog to create lighting set ups for each of my scenes. No doubt these will be built on – they’re still pretty basic – but the main idea is there.

lighting 12

I also added some mist and rain into the overcast scene, again total placeholder assets (if that rain is indicative of my skills as an fx artist I’m pretty scuppered!) but it gets the idea across. I’ve wanted to sort of see everything together at a very basic level to make sure the concept works and is producing the feelings that I want it to.

Presence Rain

Presence Sun Presence Night

I’m quite happy with how the branding looks – I think it really adds a degree of professionalism to something that is really just a test level with placeholder assets!


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