I made some terrain for my rocks to sit on. I started off in mudbox, doing a quick sculpt with some raised areas. I wasn’t very happy with this, but knew that most of the detail was going to come from the diffuse texture, so moved on.


I quickly painted an ID map so I would know where to paint in photoshop, and then created this texture. I’m pretty proud of this as it uses no photos and was done completely from scratch.



I built up this texture by starting with the same process from the rock moss. I painted an ID map in mudbox to show me where the grassy areas should be. I then went in with a stipple brush and added some variance in tone on the ground. After that I added some green areas and the AO map. At this point I felt it was looking good, but really lacked detail, so I painted some sticks and leaves and did a lot of copypasting! I did try making my own leaf and stick brushes but to be honest the pasting actually worked better. Last of all, I added some white spots for contrast and added in some yellow patches to add a little interest.

Terrain Process

Here’s the terrain in the scene. The rocks and terrain work nicley together, but I wasn’t liking it at this point and couldn’t really put my finger on it.


A colour change ended up making a massive difference, being much more colourful and engaging with the bright, saturated green.


Next up is a tree and then I’ll have a wee test environment!


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