Rock Diffuse

This was quite a challenge as I made a point of not using any photo textures. I built the texture up in layers, using the uvs and the ambient occlusion from mudbos as a point of reference.

rock 18 rock 19

I started with a general grey, using textures brushes to get a little variance in tone. This seemed too dark, so I lightened it up and added some colour variance, adding some green patches with a stiple sort of brush.

rock 20

I then added the AO map in. After  looking at some pictures of granite I saw that white splotches are common so I added this in.

rock 21

I then added some grass and moss, in a bright dark green. To make this I used another stipple brush in a dark green and then added a lighter one on top. I then went in with the lighter colour and added some grass like lines.

rock 22

I then added some white dots and lines to give a little fantasy style twist.

rock 23

I then upped the constrast on the grey background and added in some more tone.

rock 24

rocks 24

It looked pretty good on the stones but there was something missing that I couldn’t put my finger on. The issue was that moss generally only grows on one side. I then tried this, but actually thought the other one was better.

rocks 27

Combining them looked pretty good, as it made it look less like one rock model.

rocks 28


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