Rock Sculpt for Test Environment

After making decisions on art style and visual progression, I decided that I would make a small test environment to try out the weather concept on. I’m doing a rock, a tree, some terrain and some grass. I’m then going to do three lighting states for it as well as god rays, moon beams and rain. I think the rain might be a challenge, but I’m really exited to try out a wet look shader.

I chose the semi-stylised art style so that I would have the chance to do normals and specular, but I thought instead of doing my usual workflow of model in maya, slap on some photo sculpt normals in mudbox and then photo bash or hand paint I’d try to start in mudbox, retopo in maya and then hand paint. Since I don’t usually work from skratch in mudbox I used this fantastic tutoral on how to build up granite style rocks. I’m doing granite and pine trees as I’m from Aberdeen so I can go home to get some nice reference shots or texture photos if need be.

rock 1

I started with a cube in mudbox, and used the scrape tool to shave down the edges and give it that flat, weathered rock look.


I pulled the model out a bit with grab and worked in more with scrape.


I then went into any obvious cracks with the knife tool to create a broken sort of look.

rock 4

I softened these edges and started going in with the scrape brush to harden the angles of the raised areas of rock.

rock 5

After that, I used steady stroke on the scrape brush to add in larger detail scrapes to give more of a weathered rock look with different hard angles.

rock 6

Last step was to do the only thing I normally use mudbox for! I took the foamy brush with a stamp on and added some surface detail.

rock 7.

Really happy with this! Its been a while since I did environment stuff and this workflow was new so I thought it would be pretty rubbish, but I think the form is really nice and the details are looking good – lets see if that stays in the retopo!


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