Artistic Style and Player Progression Decisions

Indication of Progression

After talking to Lynn on Wednesday, I’ve had some major decisions to make in terms of visual progression, interactivity and art style. Having both the abstract and weather changing to show progression seemed both like an insane workload and challenging to design mechanically. The weather idea is significantly better in terms of portfolio, but the abstract one is possibly more in line with the original vision of the game – this could change though. Right now, I think weather is a better idea, as I have just written about player presence, and ambience and atmosphere, often generated though weather fx and colouring. I wouldn’t want to lose the abstract art however, so would like to keep this in by keeping the hub and making it change style.

Art Style

With this decision in mind, I had to pick one art style to work with. This was a tough decision as not only do I like a number of art styles, I also think that quite a few would be suitable for the game. These are the styles I considered.


I had originally thought of the game as realistic – not really sure why, that’s just how it was in my head. Now though, I am thinking of staying away from realism as in my research I’ve found that realistic games break presence when they don’t replicate the real world exactly. I also have some big concerns about my skills in this area – realistic texturing without just photo bashing is a major skills gap for me. This is something I’d love to work on to aid my artistic development, but if it hinders the outcome of my project it seems like a bad idea.


Considering my research into abstract art last semester and the fact that games similar to mine tend to use this art style, abstract seems like a good idea. It would also be quick to make. However, as well as fx, I would like to showcase my environment art skills in the game, and this will not do that. I’d like to have a varied portfolio when leaving.


This is similar to the abstract, in that this is a common style in relaxing, experimental games, but fails to show off the skills I wish to showcase. Edging towards the style shown in No Man’s Sky might be suitable however. The colour schemes in these games are beautiful and engaging, so I may take colour and saturation from here.


Right now this is my favorite style. It combines hand painted textures and photo textures while using a pushed colour scheme that is overly saturated and bright. It takes out the worry of realism detracting from presence whilst also giving me a chance to show off normal and specular mapping skills.


The one common thing throughout the games I’ve used as examples is the fantasy theme. This is largely due to the fact that these are the sorts of games that I play, so they are the examples that come to mind. I feel like this is going to come into the game and I’m perfectly happy about that.


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