Business Cards

Since I’m quite likley to crunch a bit with my massive asset list, I decided to get all my job application stuff finished just now so that its not super stressful on top of my honours. I started fixing up my cv before Christmas, its done now. I have an environment, fx and general 3D version, as I’m still unsure of where I want to go and I don’t think I’ll know when I graduate either – its a case of see what I can get and how I feel about it then.

With that in mind, designing business cards for myself was a bit daunting – what did I put as my title? I had “digital artist” ones from last year, but those had an outdated folio link on them and didn’t reflect who I am as an artist. In the end, I made three designs, each based on one of the titles I’m interested in, so I can give out the relevant ones.

I was a bit vary about adding my art to the card, as if the quality isn’t high enough it could actually put people off. However, I really like these images, and feel they represent my best work. If these aren’t good enough then I’m not good enough for the job! I chose black and white as a colour scheme because there’s so much going on colour wise in the images. I didn’t want to use a colour that would say too much about me (felt this way with my previous pink cards) and would look professional and clean.


I also made some cards for Archie, who is a programmer. Designing the back of these was a challenge, as there’s not art there already to use. We used Egyptian brackets as they are commonly seen in code, but don’t look too gimmicky or tacky. We chose a very clean layout, with lots of white space to write on, and used colours matching his website. I had some comments saying that they were boring, but I think boring is better than unprofessional looking.



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