Meeting with Lynn and Setting up Projection

Today’s meeting was a projector test as well and we finally got it working which is really great! I phyced it up a bit in my mind, so I wasn’t wowed by the projectors, but I think they’re a more elegant solution than the Oculus and when the set up of the game is designed around the project it will look fantastic. Lynn told me that ps3 controllers work automatically with macs, so I can have the player be able to move around the space freely and naturally while playing. We found that the projection actually felt really nice on one larger wall, so I’d like to test both three way split in a box and wide FOV on a large wall.

Projection from Amy Stevens on Vimeo.

As well as setting up the projectors, we discussed my current level design and how the player will interact with the environment and see it change. The hub level no longer matches the overall vision for the game, and the amount of work required for both changing textures and weather states is a bit worrying. Going forward, I want to make a decision on how to progress with this – changing or removing the hub and making a decision on weather the abstraction or the weather is more important for my goals.

I’ll be finishing up my draft contextual review on Friday for Lynn to look at – I’ve added bits on the idea of presence in games that I haven’t discussed on the blog yet.

We also talked about photo textures. If I’m doing realistic art as part of this, which if I keep the changing styles I will and if I stick to one I might go realistic, I was unsure weather I could use photos or not. Lynn told me that its ok if I take them myself, but that I will benefit from learning how to craft them from scratch. I’ll be looking at this in the next week.


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