Level Design

level 3

Looking at the concepts I’ve done so far, they’d all fit into one large level. I had other ideas, such as a cabin and a meadow, but since the three seem to work and would make a nice modular asset set I’m going to move on.

level 1

The level contains a waterfall, stream, wood, campfire and garden. The inaccessible areas are blocked by trees and walls.

level 2

The player spawns in the garden, waterfall or fire areas dependent on the portal opened, and (time allowing) can also find 3 secret areas. They can get to other areas though a multitude of paths.

For the changing styles, I’m not sure if I want to create code that changes textures based on time, or have three versions where I deliberately set different textures in different places. I’ll need to have a think about this.

I also want to include different weather and night and day states.


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