Three Way Split Screen

I’ve managed to get three screens working without C++! This is really exiting. Its a bit of a trick, as its extending a three way split screen rather than outputting to three viewports, but its a really good start.


A asked a couple of programmer friends about the issue, and they told me about renderToTexture and suggested I use that within the HUD. I tried this, setting up a scenecapture2D camera to output to a UMG widget. This didn’t work however.


Lucky for me, Vimarsh was really interested in the problem, so went and solved it himself. Rather than using UMG, he used the HUD class blueprint. Explain what he did.


I copied his code into my project and tidied it up a little, then altered the maths so that it would create one block on the right hand side of the screen and one on the left.


I’m really exited to see this on the projectors!


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