Guided Imagery Sketching

To generate ideas for the themes of my levels, I listened to guided imagery meditations while doing very rough sketches. The idea was to take spaces I imagine when meditating and transfer them into environments. I actually found it quite hard to find these types of meditations, as a lot of guided meditation focuses on solving particular problems or breathing. While those other forms of meditation are often better, I don’t want my game to be a direct medication experience, but one that uses imagery to relax the player. If a meditation state is achieved, its a bonus. I ended up using videos from TheHonestGuys on YouTube and one from Meditainment, they offer lots of guided imagery meditations that transport the listener to another world.

All the sketches are messy and rough, but this was about ideas rather than creating something that looks nice – that’s the next step!

The first one I listened to was the Secret Garden meditation from meditainment. It invites the listener to imagine a warm garden where they can relax.

garden sketch garden mood

After that I did The Sanctuary from TheHonestGuys, where the listener had to imagine a comfortable room with a fire that was their sanctuary.

room sketch room mood

The next one was Tropical Beach, also from TheHonestGuys. I didn’t feel like this one was quite as relaxing, but this might be just be personal preference.

beach sketch beach mood

Lastly I did Farie Meditation by TheHonestGuys. This one was a bit more spiritual and strange, but had some really nice forest imagery.

wood sketch forest mood

One of the issues with this is that these are coming from my own personal experiences rather than the players. Of course, its impossible to create art without the artist leaving an impression on it, but part of the relaxation comes from the imagination. I’ll have to see if this becomes an issue.


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