Environment Ideas

In our meeting today, Lynn suggested I use one environment with various times of day and weather rather than three different ones, as it would mean less environment models to make and would show off my fx work. I think this is really valid, but I was also quite happy with having three environments to represent different aspects of self. Since I like both ideas, I drew up some pros and cons of each as well as ideas of what would go in them.


The same environment is coming out stronger in favor of fx and different ones is coming out stronger in favor of relaxation. Since both of these are part of my success definition, its hard to say which is better. There is a clear winner in terms of scope and workload though! Using the same environment is going to be a lot less modelling work. I’ll probably go with this in the long run, but as long as I’m in concepting I’ll keep it open.

I combined all my moodboard images to get an idea of what a combined environment might look like.


Right now the forest, meadow and water is jumping out at me. Water, grass and birds were the things that were repeated most often in the meditations, being symbols of nature and health, so these will definitely be included in whatever environment I create. I’m not keen on the beach – it tends to make me think of crowded tourist beaches rather than relaxation, but it does seem to work for many people. We shall see…


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