Supervisor Meeting Diary

I’m not sure if this goes here, or if I need to hand the sheets in separate, but I had my second supervisor meeting of the semester with Lynn today, so I figured I’d write it up.

Meeting Agenda

  • Progress Report
  • Projectors – when do they need to go back?
  • Texture plane emission rendering issue
  • Sound? (know a couple of people but need to ask about availability)
  • Dissertation World Count
  • Critical Framework?
  • Cover Letter Examples

Progress Report


  • Got Projectors – didn’t have displayport connection
  • Tested on Triple Monitors – Worked well – Good sense of presence
  • Got HDMI to Displayport cable
  • Had a look at some installations online
  • Will test tonight


  • Looked at different styles for transitioning from real to abstract
  • Made new textures for the nature corridor – transition worked well, but new models and textures are needed.
  • Made new tree textures and added blueprint for switching between them. Again, worked well but a new model is needed. Extending this idea into the whole room is also needed for visual consistency.


  • Looked at colour emotion and colour preference research
  • New Schedule


  • Client project storyboards
  • Client project test animations

Agreed action points

  • Work on concept for open space – make sure its driven by concept not tech
  • Read about/Play examples of goaling and faking open world space
  • Define framework for case studies
  • Send contextual review + maya files over
  • Make decision on tech

Other Notes

  • Eyes mechanic – people might close them in real life, what image is there before – something real like wall or desktop? Something to think about.
  • Changing textures – blend maps, lerping?
  • Cover letter advice – who I am, why you’re good, what I can give you + what I can get in return.

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