Eyes Closing Mechanic

I had a play around with UE4’s UMG UI system yesterday, to see if my eye closing mechanic is possible. The idea behind the eye closing mechanic is that it brings the player into themselves, by symbolizing the shutting out of the outside world. It is similar to the opening of Proteus, in which the player opens their eyes to begin their journey into the liminal space.

UMG allows you to layout UI objects though the designer and add behaviors to the objects though blueprints. The idea I have for this is that the player holds a button to close their eyes. Having the player do this gives them control straight away, adding to the feeling of presence in the game.


I started off by creating a square that appeared when the game ran and disappeared when the player pressed Y. I used the widget node to control UI features, which is new to me.



I then tried to get animation working but this was quite tricky. I started by trying to use the inbuilt functions in UMG, but had no luck here, getting compiler errors. I tried various other things within the UMG event graph with calling animations, but got nowhere. The actual keyframing was very simple, but will be different with actual art.

I found success within the level blueprint, calling the play animation when Y is pressed and attaching it to the widget to get the the animation from the UMG blueprint. I then made it disappear after a set amount of time.


This worked!

14 15

Knowing the logic was sound, I made it so that the box would scroll up when the player held the Y key, as a placeholder for the eye animation I’m going to make later.

17 18

I’m not sure what to think of this mechanic right now. It feels very intrusive, but I think its due to the placeholder graphics.


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