Style Tests

I did some tests of my realism to abstract style today. I used the nature themed corridor as an example, and made styled and graphic versions of the textures.

painted grass GrassCorridorPaint

I think my hand painted textures are a tad shaky – the style consistency in the bricks is a problem and they don’t look as polished as I would like. Hopefully a bit of practice will sort this!

GrassCorridorGrphic graphic grass

To create the graphic textures, I just ran a filter over the hand painted ones – when I make proper models I’ll make this properly!


I felt as if the blend between the three textures was really nice, apart from the graphic to abstract texture. To improve this I created a new texture that echoes the shapes found in the brick textures and made it pan in the same direction as the graphic texture. There is still a noticeable gap here compared to the others, but it is a lot better.


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