Texture Emission Tests

Today I’ve been working on some texture emission tests. I found a great tutorial on how to emit form textures in maya here: http://www.braverabbit.de/playground/?p=389


I stared off by emitting nParticles from a plane and enabling its texture rate. I then created an animated ramp and added that to the texture rate. This created particles that swept over the plane.


I then created a copy of the ramp but removed the upper black section, to use as an alpha map.


The idea was then to add a per particle colour attribute that would inherit from a file texture node. However, when I went to do this I found the option greyed out.


After a lot of playing about I found that the entire rgb.pp attribute needed to be deleted before adding a new one. This then allows the particles to inherit colour.


I tested this with a silly picture of BUB.

7 8 9

Once I had the technique working I looked at trying to get an animation that resembled my storyboards. I animated a box ramp to fade inwards, creating each colour of dots at a time.


I wanted to render this out to make it into a subuv texture for unreal, but I am having some very strange rendering issues. Maya gets as far as frame four and then gives me an error message the same as when the program crashes, but doesn’t shut down and claims rendering is finished. I think this might be the batch rendering crashing.

I found this post that suggests manually keying the keyframe offset, however I can’t find this keyframe offset. I’ve googled it and there seems to be no information. I tried all the usual maya fixes, history, scene optimization etc but they made no difference. Scenes without texture rate emission render fine, so its not a memory issue.

I really need this issue to be solved – otherwise I can’t render the animation out for my client!


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