Transitioning from Realism to Abstract

One of the first things I want to get down this semester is the transition between the photorealistic section of the game and the abstract section. I feel as if a smooth transition would make the game feel more polished and interesting, and it is certainly one of the things that is taking the quality of the prototype down at the moment.


I looked into semi-abstract art and two game art styles that I think fit nicely with it – hand painted and graphic. The reason I’m looking at game art styles and not trying to convert the semi-abstract art into a texturing style is that while I want to pursue my own vision, I also want to make art that is relevant to the games industry.

Semi Abstract Moodboard Stylised Moodboard Graphic Mood Board

I was originally planning to investigate more styles and pick one of them, however it jumped out at me that not only am I fond of both of these styles, they each tend more towards realism or abstract. This means that I could actually use them together, ensuring a smoother transition with more styles. This does mean a little extra work, but I feel like its manageable – it can be reduced to one if I feel like I am struggling.

Style 3


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