Surround Projection Research

An idea that Lynn suggested to me a while back was the use of 3 way projection to create an immersive experience.

It is doable in Unity, and in Unreal by the looks of it, though I haven’t found any resources for this yet.

My graphics card supports projection though NVIDIA surround, but my motherboard doesn’t, so I can’t just plug in and go. It looks like an HDMI splitter will set up 3 screens quite easily, but its a question of getting unreal to do the surround display and getting 3 hdmi projectors.

I went and bought myself an HDMI splitter and had a go, but I ended up buying the 3 in 1 out instead of the other way around! Annoying. I’ve ordered the correct switch on amazon, so hopefully I can test the game on 3 monitors, before begging/borrowing/stealing projection equipment.

20150112_170344 20150112_170350


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