Garden Concepts

The next set of drawings I did were based around the garden idea. This was my favorite meditation and a direction I’m currently leaning in for the game’s content. Again, similar imagery such as trees, grass and running water were used.

This scene could be made up using around 6 objects – that would be nice and modular and not too much workload. It connects nicely though the path in the trees to the forest waterfall I did earlier if I wanted to expand the scene.


Garden Garden 2 Garden 3



After speaking to Lynn about it on Tuesday, I’ve rewritten my framework to be more general so I can have more space to discuss individual aspects of games.

Case Study Framework

What do critics, journalists and players have to say about the game?

How did I feel when I played the game – was I relaxed?

Which elements of the game contribute to the relaxed feeling? Conversely, which elements of the game stop me feeling relaxed?

Player Presence

Player Emotion

Exploration and Progression

Use of Colour and Shape

Use of FX

Waterfall Concept

Water was a really common theme in the meditations I did earlier, so a waterfall was top on my list for concepting. Its been ages since I did 2D so its been fun to do it again, but a bit difficult. Concept art is NOT a strong point for me at all but I’m happy enough with this that it tells me what I need to know.

I added the trees from the forest meditation, and some shafts of light to warm the player and create positive feelings. I also added a rock with symbols as a point of interest, and a wee river that the player can follow. I should be able to extend this space into a meadow, fire and cabin areas, with some weather variations.


I added a colour layer after this – I would love to be able to colour the whole drawing properly, but I am super slow at painting and I don’t think it would be a good use of my time. Of course, colour is important to the project, so I need a good colour scheme, but it can be shown flat like this. I derrived my colours from the moodboard I made of the forest, as it provided warm, calm feelings.

Waterfall colour

Here are some shots of my scribbley process!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Triple Camera Set Up in Unreal

I tried to get triple viewport outputs set up in my game in order to test the tripleheadtogo on Lynn’s laptop. I had no luck at all though! Turns out a one button function in Unity involves rewriting the whole gameengine class in Unreal. Once I found this out, I did have a go at downloading visual studio and copying some code I found, but I needed to build the engine from source and I really don’t know enough about github to do this. The code was broken anyway.

As an alternative, I’ve created a build with a very large field of view on the first person camera – hopefully this will work with the triple projector set up.

Environment Ideas

In our meeting today, Lynn suggested I use one environment with various times of day and weather rather than three different ones, as it would mean less environment models to make and would show off my fx work. I think this is really valid, but I was also quite happy with having three environments to represent different aspects of self. Since I like both ideas, I drew up some pros and cons of each as well as ideas of what would go in them.


The same environment is coming out stronger in favor of fx and different ones is coming out stronger in favor of relaxation. Since both of these are part of my success definition, its hard to say which is better. There is a clear winner in terms of scope and workload though! Using the same environment is going to be a lot less modelling work. I’ll probably go with this in the long run, but as long as I’m in concepting I’ll keep it open.

I combined all my moodboard images to get an idea of what a combined environment might look like.


Right now the forest, meadow and water is jumping out at me. Water, grass and birds were the things that were repeated most often in the meditations, being symbols of nature and health, so these will definitely be included in whatever environment I create. I’m not keen on the beach – it tends to make me think of crowded tourist beaches rather than relaxation, but it does seem to work for many people. We shall see…

More Meditation Sketching

To generate some more ideas for my levels, I’ve sketched while listening to more guided meditations. These ones had a little less information than the others so generated less sketches and ideas.

“The Seat”

chair sketch chair mood

“The Summer Meadow”

chair sketch Meadow Mood

“The Cleansing Pool”

pool sketch Pool Mood

Meeting Diary 2

Honours Project Supervisor Meeting diary

Meeting Agenda

Progress Report


Progress Report

Read Concept Design: Concept, Theory, Practice

Read Non-Places, an Anthropology of Supermodernity

Looked at Shadow of the Colossus and The Last of Us


Decided on main goals for the game.

Decided what techniques to use to meet these goals.

Did a very basic level design idea.

Made some sketches and moodboards based off of guided meditations.


Decided on Framework


Tested Projectors – didn’t work, using Oculus


Agreed action points

Test projectors with Lynn’s Macbook

Continue concepting – Look at doing one env with different weather and times, or smaller environments. Remember scope.

Start contextual review

Framework rework – more general, avoid use of word success.